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Luxurious REJUVENATING SERUM for Face and Neck 45+


Lux Care. Global Anti-Ageing Face Day Cream rich formula for mature skin 45 ml


MEZOComplex Day Face and Neck Cream 60+ Active Care for mature skin 50 ml


MezoComplex Day MezoCream 50+ COMPLEX REJUVENATION 50 ml


MezoComplex Day MezoCream 40+ INTENSIVE REJUVENATION 50 ml


Hyaluron Lift Super Lifting Face Day Cream 55+ 45 ml


Milk Line. Day Cream-Shine for all skin types YOUTH PROTEINS 50 ml tube


ULTRA LIFT OLIVE Hydrating Lift Active Face Day Cream 45+ 50 ml


BLUE THERM Luxurious Cream on thermal water with microspheres of blue retinol for the face and skin around the eyes DAY 45 ml

£7.70 £6.99

STE Injection-Free Perfection All-Inclusive Face, Neck and Décolleté Muscle Relaxant Cream 35+ 50 ml tube

£8.00 £5.99

STE Hyaluronic Thread Effect 4D All-Inclusive Face, Neck and Décolleté Bandage Cream 45+ 50 ml tube


PERFECT CITY SKIN Hyaluronic Day Cream Screen SPF20 for face and eye area with skin protection complex 50 ml